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thanks for the heads up spook
Won't be able to raid tonight, big university deadline tomorrow!
For those yet un-aware, the Fatboss-guide for Imperator is up on youtube (20 minutes video hype)
you mean the always dead warr?
oy! Flasks and potions will no longer require fish and meat. [link]
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chrno a posted Jul 29, 13

We are a multi-national social semi-hardcore raiding guild with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We have been an established Nagrand guild since 2007. THoF is all about having fun, raiding and socializing in a friendly and polite manner. Our raid team is all about teamwork. We are committed to raiding and hungry for progression.

Nagrand is now connected to Kilrogg and Runetotem

Country Flags

Gratz all 6/7 HM HC

Malgin a posted Fri at 23:03

Gratz all HM 3/7 HC

Malgin a posted Dec 5, 14

 Kargath, The Butcher!! & Brackenspore Roll on the next Boss

End of MoP Guild Photo

Malgin a posted Nov 10, 14
~Click Image to enlarge~
Zampoc I love how powerful i look! Ultimate power!!!
dawni Nice Photo ...
Swampfire This was a nice photo, shame my asthma was annoying me, Ill have to take a guild photo of my own ...

                Tournaments info                      Warchief Selfie run info

âlex well done guys ...
Malgin a Amazing Job everyone & Reapz Practising kitting the iron start around the SW Harbour Priceless! lol

For A Larger Version Click Here

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