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Affliction Warlock
Demonology Warlock
Destruction Warlock
Found this cool post about artifact power for offspecs: [link]
Demon Hunters will release August 9th, along with Demon Invasions. Not long left to wait!!
@Monkee i see your enjine profile post are about a lot of banns you must have pissed of someone. As i've just checked our server admin ban list and you are not on it.
hi guys, just logged on to your server and was instantly banned, Never even got to spawn.
As the patch will be coming on the 19th I expect we're gonna have a full raid so we can all test our classes. Get hyped and Mal stop slacking and make an official statement about this :d
Level 25 Alliance · 459 members
Welcome to THoF
Realm Rank 5
Region Rank 526
World Rank 1003


Malgin a posted Feb 19, 15

We are a multi-national semi-hardcore raiding guild with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We have been an established Nagrand guild since 2007. THoF is all about having fun, raiding and socializing in a friendly and polite manner. Our raid team is all about teamwork. We are committed to raiding and hungry for progression.

Nagrand is connected to Kilrogg and Runetotem

Anyone  wanting to Submit an application MUST Join / Register on the site for it to work

THoF Prepping for Legion

Malgin a posted Jun 9, 16

Nothing like breaking in a Retruing Tank before legion.

Our Number 1 Slacking warlock lol (Sorry Cod i had to get that in) is going back to what he dose best tanking. He's been tanking since Naxx but in War Lords he fancied a change.

So as he's going back to tank we decided it would be a good idea to dust off the cobwebs by doing all the Gold Cm's. Thanks to Donz for healing  and organizing it. Also Thanks  to Taste, Diiran & Ulf for killing everything he through at you.

Bring on Legion

Malgin a posted Feb 5, 16

dawni a Well done Team THoF
Banjar Well done all!!
Ulfsten Yeeehaaaa. WTB kill pic with snail.

Malgin a Quondo "Come on guys lets fuck him up yo" lol
Banjar Congratz, well done
Ulfsten Oh Manny, you came and you gave without taking...

Happy New Year Everyone

Malgin a posted Dec 19, 15

Enjoy the christmas break everyone and get ready to kill Mannorotth Mythic when we get back!

Next stop Mannoroth Mythic!

Malgin a posted Dec 7, 15

Ulfsten Love the kitten

Tyrant Dominated Gratz All

Malgin a posted Nov 29, 15

The seeds have been planted

Malgin a posted Nov 5, 15

Athoman Hairy2spooky4you


Malgin a posted Oct 19, 15

mrnitrodown   registered to Thof
Norrinir , Duethril and Azgal registered to Thof
l33tsushi and Ruyuugan registered to Thof
NovaMH   registered to Thof
Quantum   registered to Thof
Kayoru   registered to Thof
Feint   registered to Thof
Malgin   added 30 Advanced days to Thof
Darkemis , Phogue and Zeh registered to Thof
Dilligaf   registered to Thof
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