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It was like 1:30 PM for me :sick: and hey, when you have internet and everyone is still asleep i stumble upon things like these lol
Evenin in Hong Kong Reapz you are still looking things up lol
[link] heres one for all rings, except it only shows the proc duration
Found some legendary ring weakauras that tell you the accumulated damage as well as proc duration (dps rings only)
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Malgin a posted Feb 19, 15

We are a multi-national semi-hardcore raiding guild with a fun and relaxed atmosphere. We have been an established Nagrand guild since 2007. THoF is all about having fun, raiding and socializing in a friendly and polite manner. Our raid team is all about teamwork. We are committed to raiding and hungry for progression.

Nagrand is now connected to Kilrogg and Runetotem

Anyone  wanting to Submit a application MUST Join / Register on the site for it to work

dawni Grats all x ...
Reapz Grats on trash ...

Gul'dan Defiled

Malgin a posted Tue at 22:02

Malgin a Don't worry Legend we all agreed to boost you next lock out when you get back you only missed 4 boss kills lol ...

Malgin a Plus 1 farm boss lol

9/13HC #LegendGate2015

Malgin a posted Jul 5, 15

8/10M BRF Gratz all

Malgin a posted Jun 19, 15

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Jynxx ""I LIKE TRAINS!!""

Malgin a posted May 22, 15

dawni Huge Grats all ...
Totemski and Trafaleigh registered to Thof
Snoopie   registered to Thof
Malgin   added 90 Advanced days to Thof
Malgin   published Mythic Trash Cleared 1/13M HFC Gratz all on News
Malgin   published Gul'dan Defiled on News
Deelity   registered to Thof
Feint   registered to Thof
Biscuit   registered to Thof
Malgin   published Mannoroth Slayed 12/13HC HFC Gratz all on News
Malgin   published 1 Night 2 Boss's Gratz all 11/13HC HFC on News
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